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Stand Up for Kindness

Our individual actions matter. When we choose kindness during moments of disagreement, we create ripples of respect that change relationships and entire communities. A vote for kindness stands to affect much more than an election. We’re glad you’re here. Everyone is welcome.

You can take a stand for kindness by joining the campaign and sharing the message with those in your communities. The information on this page will walk you through the steps to be a part of the campaign.


Join the Movement

Unite with other people who care from across the country to bring the campaign for kindness to as many people as possible. You have an important part to play. Please fill out your information in this form, and we’ll keep you updated with new resources and more ways to inspire others to be beacons of kindness.


Download Resources

We’ll provide everything you need to share about the campaign. Visit the Resources page to choose what’s helpful for you as you show support for kindness:

  • Social Media Shareables
  • Yard Signs
  • T-shirts
  • And More!

Share the Campaign

Individual, daily decisions are one way to share the campaign — you can do this by simply choosing kindness. Additionally, you can share Do Unto Others materials and why you’re campaigning for kindness with your personal and professional networks on social media or in person. If you are involved in community activities or a church community, introduce them to the campaign as well!