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Spark Community Change

You’re in the right place if you care about seeing your community less divided and more connected. The campaign for kindness aims to close the kindness and justice gap in our country by encouraging respectful discourse, and choosing kindness even when we don’t see eye-to-eye.

The campaign is customizable for any organization that wants to promote leading with kindness, respect, compassion and love. The information on this page will walk you through the steps to launch the campaign in your community.


Join the Movement

Unite with other organizations across the country to bring the campaign for kindness to as many people as possible. You have an important part to play. Please fill out your information in this form, and we’ll keep you updated with new resources and more ways to inspire your community to be beacons of kindness.


Download Resources

We’ll provide everything you need to implement the campaign and customize for your organization. We have ready-to-use resources or materials that are customizable with your logo. Visit the Resources page to choose what’s helpful for you:

  • Posters & Billboards
  • Social Media Content
  • Yard Signs & T-Shirts
  • And More!

Implement the Campaign

Using the resources provided, start bringing the campaign to life in your community. We’ve made it easier by outlining key campaign activities for organizations. Click the button below to access the timeline and checklist. Keep in mind: you can customize the campaign however you’d like and use the pieces that work well for your organization.